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About Us.

At Healthy Wonders we believe in the power of Healthy Food. Food you turn to every day, food you count on as part of your life. We make food that does more than satisfy your hunger -- it actually gives you the essentials nutrition to have a healthy and active life. And our food can be found on grocery shelves in Organic Juice, Nutrition Bars, Nutrition Supplements, Soups and more.

Tim Dillard – Founder Healthy Wonders

"I wanted to change the way of healthy living concept by offering an entirely different,tasty and enjoyable all natural c products to make anyones daily nutrional requirements . Every one , no matter their age needs healthy and tsaty nutrional chocices; and with Healthy Wonders I hope to give that."


97 Greene Ave
Totowa Boro
New Jersey 07512, USA

Phone Numbers.

Phone: 973-964-9955